Community Spirit

Come and listen to the 11 massed choirs close to Birmingham who will sing & use sign language at Symphony Hall on Saturday 8th. July. You can see more detail on @THSHBirmingham and #CS2018. At £8:50 it will be a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience!

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Fox in Birmingham

imageDead fox in Hole Lane. Lady rings the waste department. She was told that they would have to send out a specialist unit with decontamination equipment, gloves, and masks, due to the danger of wild animals –  therefore it would take up to a week. However if she gathered up the fox and put it in a bag they would collect it – ER??? but not this week! Then she rang me. This gave me the excuse to mend my shovel, went straight down and bagged it up before taking it to Lifford Lane.  Emailed Councillor Lisa  Trickett just after 2 pm. to tell her that I had dealt with it. Next morning a little refuse wagon with one man appears! No Decon. Equipment, but also no knowledge that the problem was solved the day before….. You could not make it up!

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On the right track!

imageWith the Minister (Chris Grayling) and the Mayor (Andy Street) and the Councillor for Bournville and Stirchley (Robert Sealey) at the official campaign to reopen the railway stations at Moseley and Balsall Heath. We will get an Upgrade at Kings Norton station in Bournville Ward, and it will improve the rush hour traffic problems in the South and South west of Birmingham. Let the train take the strain! There are so many advantages to a competitive rail system that puts the customer first!

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Sylvia Ann Nash

Sylvia was a lovely lady, whom we had the pleasure to hear from at the meetings of Shencare Trustees for many years. She took it very seriously, and turned up at every meeting until the last few months. As a regular user of the service she also tested the first lift for wheelchairs, and we had fun at that particular photo-shoot! She was a grand 78 years old, and we will miss her! God Bless.

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Max Mosley in Manchester

imageAccompanying his father, Sir Oswald, who had been the Labour Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and they named this new organisation “The Union Movement”. Why? Answers on a postcard please!

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Fight against Gum

After 15 years of campaigning the Local Government Association have taken up my idea of taxing Chewing Gum to pay for the cleaning up it necessitates when chewers have discarded it – usually just by spitting it out. It would be better to just ban it, but that may take another 15 years. So let us just celebrate the fact that our local authorities have got together to back me, and deal with the £60 million a year we are forced to spend on the 2 million gum drops that occur daily in the UK!

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imageWe helped to plant trees all over SW Birmingham, Rob and I, and lastly a little help in Bournville Park. The reason is quite clear – we have to protect our parks from the present Council Policy of wanting to clip away bits of them, and the best way is by planting trees. I have suggested to the people who want to protect their green belt to purchase some boundary land and plant trees on it. In Germany that is precisely how they have protected their urban areas from sprawl. It is called the ” town wood” there. The tree above is part of long term planning, and it will be a replacement one day for the Bournville Christmas tree!

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