Leader of the Council

imageThis is the point at which the Leader of the Council agrees to the suggestion of the member (or is it Mullah?) for Acocks Green that the report on collection needs more work doing on it!! Thus the Rubbish problem will continue for another week and a day at least as the next meeting is 1st. September! Fred Carnot had nothing on this lot! And then to cap it all we, who are elected, are only allowed to stay in the room if we agree, and sign(!) not to talk to the press! Better to stay out and keep one’s principles. It is a shambles, and you are allowed, and can still quote me, on that.

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Travelling across BVT areas, picking up in Linden Road, Bournville Lane, – areas that were promised collection last week. Bucket was used because of the state of some of the bags, and when emptied there were hundreds of Maggots. Only when I took them to the tip was I accused of using my position for advantage!! I needed an extra long trailer (see previous post) to get a reasonable load out. Health issues? NO GOV!

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Someone Cares About Brum!

imageLady from Carillion thanks Peter for clearing up the rubbish from the new development that used to be Selly Oak Hospital. Is there something perverse about leaving rubbish uncollected in the areas where we are trying to attract new families to come and live in Birmingham ?

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Bournville Petition

imageNearly 1,000 people signed a petition to retain the no. 27 bus. This was presented to the Planning Committee and accepted by them. It was agreed that the relevance was due to the “travel plans” conditioned on all school developments that the planning committee imposes. That is to reduce the impact of so many parents using vehicles to deliver their children to school that could be replaced by public transport. This is frequently considered unacceptable by nearby residents who are unable to access or egress their driveways. However the Department was “unable” to deliver the petition, so I handed it in to National Express HQ in Digbeth. Hopefully they will treat it with seriousness as it also affects many pensioners who are residents on its route, and have no alternative means of accessing shopping areas.

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Council Chaos

Examples of the rubbish piling up in Bournville due to the Industrial Action taking place in the Cleansing responsibilities of Birmingham City Council. The City Council is responsible, but the solution we, Councillor Rob Sealey and I, have come up with is to take matters into our own hands and start the clear up now. After 6 weeks without a collection there is no other solution. Sadly we can only hope that sense will come to the two parties – the Labour Administration, and the Unions.




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imageI really wish to thank Councillor Mariam Khan for her hard work in chairing the Eid Mela Council Committee of Big Johns Mela. She handed over the considerable responsibility to me a few times, but she was the prime mover, and keeper of the principles of the Mela. However the fairy god mothers to the whole event are Big Johns without whom it would not take place. We all wish their business well, and congratulate them this year in the biggest attendance yet – over 45,000 and that is a figure I have been given by the safety staff so it must be true!

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Best Staff in the World

Here are the kindest and friendliest staff you could work with. They are there at the Eid Mela like all of us to make sure it is a success. It requires sensitivity and thoughtfulness to make it a success and these people have it in trumps!
Please see next picture for our thanks to the sponsors, the redoubtable Big Johns without whom there would be no Mela!

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