Kate Elizabeth Bunce


Kate was a post pre raphaelite, but I had no idea of  this term. I always loved her picture of the Mandolin Player, which seemed to me  to epitomise pre raphaelites. However she rarely got a mention, as her father, the manager of the Art Gallery was the main claim to fame. There is surprisingly little said about the female artists of the period. I am glad that they are now being acknowledged. The reredos is also something I had called a triptych, so you live and learn. A visit to St. Albans in Conybere Street, Highgate will evince the great period of the Oxford Movement. I was brought up working in that street (at the age of 6) in fixtures as I was small then. Unfortunately it was with wrapped hardware, that always seemed to collapse just as the last item went in. It has taught me the value of stable packing which has come in surprisingly useful. In those days I spent my money on a pen-knife which was my most precious possession.   At that age I went down the road to collect cakes from the Kunzle shop for my fellows and family. Could you imagine that today? It would be difficult to see someone of twice the age being let out on such a main road.


About douglasosborn

He has been a Councillor for 17 years representing Weoley Ward on Birmingham City Council. He has worked for, and overseen through planning, the improvements to Weoley Castle Square, and Northfield Town Regeneration. He worked in Sparkbrook as a Youth Leader for 5 years and lectured the City Careers service on the employment of disabled people. He originally trained as a Mining Engineer qualifying in 1970, specialising in Explosives and Mine Lighting. He was a member of the Institute of Minerals, Mining, and Metallurgy, and the Institution of Lighting Engineers, now Professionals. He was a member of the West Midlands Police Authority (1976-1980) and a member of the board of Birmingham Airport (1976-1981). He took a B.Th. degree at Oxford University, and gained a Master of Arts degree in Urban Design from Birmingham City University. He was Chairman of Birmingham City Planning Committee from 2008 to 2012, until the change in administration, but is still a member of the committee. He now serves on the Police and Crime Commissioner panel, and was a West Midlands Regional Ambulance Service Shadow board member. He is a Governor of Bournville College, and Victoria Federation. He serves on the West Midland Combined Authority Mayoral scrutiny panel. He is still Birmingham's 'Heritage Champion'. He has never claimed any expenses in the 17 years he has served on the City Council, perhaps because the forms are too complicated !!
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