imageGet your stamps from the Post Office. They have promised to order a load, and this is just the sort of present that Children will love when the grow up. A reminder of 2017 for all time, and the most brave example of the city investing in its centre!

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Barrio Fiesta 2017

imageHere is Jess R. singing so beautifully at the Sandwell and Birmingham Barrio Fiesta. She has enormous range and a truly amazing gift. The Barrio this year suffered from being the same date as the one in Woodgate Valley, and hopefully it will not coincide next year. I guess her there was some problem with other community groups as it should have been held last week. See if you can spot my tigers – or maybe just one?

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Lightwoods Park

imageA brilliant job done here by Sandwell Council. BIrmingham City decided some years ago to give Lightwoods Park – building and land- to Sandwell where it got the required love and attention. They have turned it into a beautiful asset for the community, and shows well what can be achieved by authorities working together. We achieved the start of this process, I believe, when under my chairmanship of the City Planning Comittee we consulted Sandwell on the Brewerey development known as Deers Leap. So much was achieved and we set the bar for interauthority working, which gave rise to the gift of Lightwoods Park. I used this in my speech at the Barrio Fiesta today to show how much more can be achieved by working together. All it needs for argument and quarrel is for good men to do nothing!

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Representing Birmingham CC

imageWith the Lord MAYOR of Manchester, Councillor Newman, and his lovely daughter who is the Lady Mayoress for six months until her mother can replace her. We were at the Manchester School for Girls and the very prestigious and interesting Choir festival . The Judges were so kind to us, we really enjoyed ourselves and definitely want to come back next year, when it will be in Cardiff.

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Jess R.

imageJessica was brilliant singing today, with an immense range. I really hope she does well in her appearance at the Voice Kids tonight when, as part of team Pixie, she will be singing “Somebody to Love”. Wherever there is no doubt this young lady (13) will go far. I have the utmost confidence in predicting it!!

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Birmingham City University

We all welcome the appointment of Professor Philip Plowden as Vice Chancellor, who will take the University forward to new heights. In the meantime we must raise the profile of the University in areas where there is a great demand for the strong educational attainments of British Universities. This is why it is necessary to take advantage of the massive interest of people in the Far East in their visitors, and what they stand for! Chinese people have a natural friendliness for visitors, and love to have photographs taken with them. These will stay in their records for many years, and hopefully attract the interest of potential students from all around the world!imageimageimageimageimageimage


prediction- May the 4th. be with you!

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imageThis is a beautiful centre to Weoley Castle Square, but you will see the broken tree stump of the 10th. Tree that I have planted on there. What mindless vandalism. Someone does not want a central part to be noted by a tree, or it may be that they do not like anything they can destroy. Their parents did the same with a great car company.

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