Truth Catchup


I said I have been supporting Food Banks since 1995, every year seen an increase in demand. Second time last week in Cotteridge, as they like my rhubarb! But told some people not genuine. The poor we have with us always, the over worried we will not – at least 5,500 suicides last year!  So I support the government mental health measures. Everyone we put back in control – we save them and their dependants!

I am descended from Tinkers, and people of colour! So are most of us.

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Moseley Road mega street festival

Great operation run by Dr. Noha Nasser who combines brilliant management with a wealth of experience. There were plenty of issues, but it was a superb way to bring the communities of Balsall Heath together, to appreciate the heritage of Moseley Road Baths, the School of Art opposite, and the ways that people interact if they are encouraged to do so. I think this is the start of a project that will enhance the diverse groups into a cohesive unit, based on a sense of place.


(But it shows the operation, some of the complexity, and care at the start of taking small groups round the whole Art School building)image

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Hippo drone

imageThis is the new, low cost, West Midlands Police Drone. It was on display in the square outside the theatre today as well as in the Cathedral grounds in the morning as part of a public relations exercise. It is funded by the proceeds of Crime Act, which gives a project the right to be funded in this way, provided it is not for typical expenditure, or staff use. These drones will be used to target criminals, as they have a high definition camera, and are backed up by thermal imaging. This will enable more ground to be covered in a way that would be very expensive with the normal helicopter. I understand that with the force aircraft, you have spent £10,000.00 a few moments after take off! There are three drones  in the background which are controlled by seven trained pilots who are also policemen. The site to see what the drones are used for is on Twitter – @DronesWMP.


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Birmingham 2022

Celebrating the handover from the Australian Commonwealth Games organisers to Birmingham, we gathered in Victoria Square as a diverse city to make a song and dance about it! Figured from the top left is the drone which took photographs of the whole scene ending with #BRUM. Shuttlecock to the right, and a model  bird in the jacuzzi – spot it among the giant plants.

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Dangerous Tree


This is a Canadian Pine in Fradley Close. It will be reported as a potential hazard to the neighbouring houses, and hopefully the owner will be required to cut it down.

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Pussycat on my shoulders!

imageIn all my forty years of canvassing I have never been fully befriended by a cat! I talked in cat language to “Foxey” who lives in Kipling Road. An exceedingly good cat! She jumped up on a fence, then across onto my shoulders. It was so incredible I had to have a selfie so that I could prove it was no story I had made up. She then enquired as to my health – see below!


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Duncan Cadbury at the Pavilion

imageDuncan Cadbury, a scion of the family, and present chairman of Bournville Village Trust gives the slogan to which we must aspire to fulfill, talking to Peter.

 No one should be forced to live in a place where they cannot grow a rose!

A statement by George Cadbury – the founder of the Garden City Movement – Philanthropist and Businessman.

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