• Lets do the simple things well
  • Improve the environment by smartening it up – that means removal of rubbish, painting of lampposts and streetsigns
  • Increased streetlighting for safety – this should reduce Crime and improve the standard of living for all residents
  • Conserve British heritage both for the City and for Weoley
  • Continue the policy of pump priming Weoley Castle ruins and visitors centre – which has now gained over a million pounds worth of funding
  • Keeping Birmingham’s built heritage to provide a sense of place in this changing world and an anchor for young people’s orientation

4 Responses to Policies

  1. Dear Peter,

    You bumped into me when I was drawing in Victoria Square. I have a lot of paintings/drawings of Birmingham, if you are interested. You said you might be able to help put on an exhibition of my work.



  2. Derek Waller says:

    Hi. I am most concerned with the recent spate of parking on the north bound carriageway of the Bristol Road South after Whitehill Road heading into City. The lane was designated recently for a cycle lane. People are using it for parking and have now ruined the grass verge completely. I was also under the impression that this road was a Clearway?

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